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For Founders / Innovators

Statistically, founders like you are spending 60% of your time raising capital, diverting attention away from solving our biggest challenges and achieving your Mission. It is hard to find values aligned and strategic investors.

For Impact / Innovation Programs

Incubators, accelerators, venture studios, competitions and other innovation programs are the lifeblood of the impact innovation eco-system. However, attracting, filtering, selecting and supporting great ventures is an arduous task.

For Impact Investors

Impact Investors like you are spending 50% of your Opex on deal origination and deal flow, searching through thousands of pitch decks to find the needle in your haystack, with limited automation, analytics or team collaboration.

EarthTech’s purpose is to mobilize the human and financial capital needed to make our planet and our species sustainable.

For people and planet to prosper

Trusted by impact driven founders across the globe.

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In the words of Buddha – “radiate boundless love towards the entire world”.

There are few people in the world who are as purpose-driven as Stephan Straus. A 30 year corporate turnaround expert, Stephan now leverages his career turning around loss making $billion + revenue business, for impact.

A buddhist and passionate believer in impact innovation, Stephan is on a mission to help large corporations to embrace innovation and impact investment to delight their customers, become great corporation citizens and attract and retain talent – for people and planet to prosper.



Global Impact Investor and epic story teller

Amit Grover is a New Zealander of Indian origin, now shaking up the global impact investment landscape. Raised by a single mother in India, Amit is passionate about gender equality and sustainability and drives his passion through management consulting and venture capital, supporting early-stage impact entrepreneurs. Amit is a true inspiration.


Mycelium inspired technology

Mycelium is a network of fungal threads that live in the soil. It provides the nodes that link communities of trees and other flora together in a collaborative and mutually supportive way. We believe that learning from and mimicking the intelligence of nature and the power of community is the best way for humanity to come together and efficiently unlock a sustainable way of life.



Global CleanTech Investment and the Power of Music

Our first guest on the EarthTech Podcast is Mick Kanfi – Operating Partner at Inerjys Ventures. Mick and his team at Inerjys are challenging the status quo in the Cleantech sector. They see the barriers to the adoption of clean technology are primarily economic.


EarthTech at COP26

Ant Moorhouse was invited to speak at a COP26 event on the topic of Finance Disruption. Ant explains the role of EarthTech to mobilise the financial and human resources needed to scale significant innovations globally in order to positively impact one billion lives by 2030.