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Do you have an idea or solution addressing the world’s biggest environmental and social issues?

We are inviting purpose-driven young people with a passion for solving the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues, to participate in the 6 week Global EarthTech Challenge.

The EarthTech Challenge
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The Challenge Categories

Each category covers one or more of the Global Goals. Judging criteria will include the impact a submission makes on the Global Goals. Teams are welcome to describe the impact their idea or solution will have on the Global Goals.

Poverty & Inequality

Over a billion people still live in conditions of extreme poverty, with many situated in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Poverty ensures that people can’t access basic services like healthcare or primary education, and makes day-to-day life a huge struggle.

This category includes the following Global Goals: #1. No Poverty; #4. Quality Education; #5. Gender Equality; #8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, #10. Reduced Inequalities; #16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions;

Food, Water & Health

Hunger is the leading cause of death worldwide, while too many people globally still do not have reliable access to clean water, sanitation or basic health services.

This category includes the following Global Goals: #2. Zero Hunger; #3. Good Health and Wellbeing; #6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate & Energy

As the world’s largest nations grow and industrialise, solutions are needed to ensure that the world’s energy is clean, reliable and doesn’t leave anyone behind. Our reliance on fossil fuels is unsustainable and harmful, while the world needs to keep global warming below 2 degrees celsius to avoid the worst affects of climate change.

This category includes the following Global Goals: #7. Affordable and Clean Energy; #13. Climate Action

Sustainable Futures

Our world’s population is increasing, and to accommodate everyone, we need to build sustainable, smart and modern cities and communities. We need to consume resources sustainably, reducing impact on our natural resources while promoting sustainable industrialisation.

This category includes the following Global Goals: #9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; #11. Sustainable Cities and Communities; #12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Environment and Biodiversity

The world’s oceans drive the global systems which make life on earth possible. Forests cover 30 percent of the Earth’s land, while plant life provides 80 percent of our diets. Caring for life below water and life on land is crucial for ensuring a sustainable land, combating climate change and improving living standards for all.

This category includes the following Global Goals: #14. Life Below Water; #15. Life On Land

6 Week Course Content

Week 1: Re / Search & Ideation

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • Introducing the Challenge and the Design Sprint Framework
  • Identifying and Researching a Social Challenge
  • Ideating Your Social and Environmental Solution and Idea
  • Transforming Your Solution into a Social Business Idea

Week 2: Innovation

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • Ensuring your idea is innovative and a social innovation
  • Activating your community, audience and tribe!
  • Mapping the key activities, features and partnerships of your solution.
  • Generating revenue to sustain your impact in the world!

Week 3: Prototyping

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • Design Process
  • Platform
  • Prototype types
  • Narrative Prototyping
  • Common usability testing pitfalls

Week 4: Testing & Iterating

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • What is usability Testing.
  • Introduction to usability testing (we set up two types: concept & prototype)
  • Validating your concept
  • Testing your prototype
  • Common usability testing pitfalls

Week 5: Articulating

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • Finding the right tools
  • The TED effect
  • Crafting your narrative
  • Defending your story

Week 6: Brand Trust & Pitching

The lecture and reading materials covered include:

  • Using Design, written, verbal and body language communication to convey a message
  • Building Design Brand Trust
  • Creating UX (User Experience) Brand Trust
  • Finding and using your authentic voice

The EarthTech Tribe

The EarthTech Challenge brings together a community of entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, mentors, and like-minded partners. You don’t have to participate in the challenge to be a part of EarthTech. If you would like to be up to speed on all the latest news and participate with us in changing the world, learn more about joining the tribe.

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