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EarthTech Platform for Programs


Impact / Innovation Programs

Incubators, accelerators, venture studios, competitions and other innovation programs are the lifeblood of the impact innovation eco-system.

However, attracting, filtering, selecting and supporting great ventures is an arduous task. Innovation Program managers like you are spending 50% of your time on cohort application and selection with limited automation, data analytics or selection team collaboration.

Introducing the EarthTech Platform.

Designed from the ground up from three years of active in-market intelligence.

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Let our algorithms do the match making, so you don’t have to go blind reviewing hundreds of pitch decks to try and determine who is worth putting through your due diligence processes.

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Mandate Maker


Answer 32 quantifiable questions to create your selection mandate(s). Ventures created their profile using the same 32 criteria. This is like your dating app profile. It enables our algorithms to match you to aligned ventures. Note: The language currently used in the Mandate Maker is geared towards investors. While we appreciate you don’t make a financial investment into ventures, you absolutely make a time, IP and network investment into ventures.

Activate Your Database


Once you create your first mandate, the platform generates a unique URL that can be shared with ventures on your database, particularly those you have had to say NO to. The ventures use this URL to create their profile (free), step through the impact investment readiness tools and get quantifiable 1-5 star feedback from their own ecosystem. This enables you to find lost needles in your existing haystack and breathe new life into and monetise historic data.



Once you create your mandate, the platform will match you to all ventures who align to your mandate.



Ventures from your database and the whole platform that align to your mandate will appear in the Matches tab in your profile, including a sliding scale on how close to your mandate they are. From here, you can analyse their information and contact them directly for an introductory call or ask for more information.

Venture WatchList


For those ventures who are not quite mature enough yet, you can add them to your watchlist and monitor the development of their traction over time. These ventures can be found in the WatchList tab.

Create Your Mandate Now

Let our algorithms auto-match you to aligned ventures.

Empower your team of mentors to give more efficient and quantifiable feedback to your cohorts. Enable your network of investors to create their own mandates and track and engage with ventures from your cohort companies.