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EarthTech Summit Art

Artist Programming at EarthTech Summit

The arts are an integral part of the EarthTech Summit. We were lucky enough to work with established and emerging artists throughout the three day summit, and incorporated dance, story, sculpture, music into the event.

Star Dome

Art of String Theory

Our Winged Emu, embraces our sky from the binary star system, known as Sirius (the tip of where our wings meet), through the Head, Hunter (Orion Star Constellation), through Hyades, the bent knee, to Our 7 Sisters (Pelaides) who represent the foot of our Winged Emu.

The Star Dome on Make Peace Island was created to acknowledge our 7 Sisters, the foot of our Winged Emu. Our 7 Sisters are our Creative Ancestors and responsible for creating many sacred sites, foods, trees, etc and pathways hear and ta our Sky Space.

Also, please everyone remember this is my story through my mother’s people and my own initiative experience, other tribes have similar though different stories for this same area of Sky Space, and the various star constellations I have shared hear, represent different teachings.