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Impact Ventures

The EarthTech Ventures

The EarthTech Ventures are Social Enterprises that we partner with. They are ventures that have come through the EarthTech Challenge, have spent 3 days on Makepeace Island with our mentors and experts, and who we are working closely with.


Is an affordable emergency medical service provider to the rural people of Bangladesh. With our environment friendly mini electric tricycle ambulance, we provide affordable ambulance and doorstep medical service to villagers living under 5 USD PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) per day. Our response time is 300% faster, and our service charge is 50% cheaper than all the existing ambulances operating in rural areas of Bangladesh.

Bheem Health

We’re alpha-testing the first device which maps patients’ movements, breath and heart rates non-invasively, for a reasonable price. It costs us $60 to make our Smart Sensor System (current solutions cost $6000), and alerts medical professionals + caretakers (95% of elderly people live in the community) of problems like falls, pressure sores, or even if someone’s stopped breathing. Though these complications seem superfluous, they’re the most common causes of hospitalisation. With a rapidly aging population, and a rise in NCDs like heart disease and diabetes rising, affordable devices like ours which alert/prevent complications could save thousands of lives, and billions to healthcare-budgets.

Cubo Modular

In our country (Philippines), over 20 million people live in inadequate slum housing and are left vulnerable to typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Current construction methods are slow to keep up with demand while accelerating production leads to further environmental damage. Our solution: the CUBO® Modular System, the first engineered bamboo building platform in the world. We use engineered bamboo, a highly renewable resource that takes only 3 years to grow and has strengths up to 14x greater than concrete and hardwood. The result: house kits that can be assembled within hours with prices starting at USD200 per square meter.


EcoPlastile is a registered Ugandan social enterprise that addresses the challenges of urban waste management (plastic pollution), chronic youth unemployment, deforestation and climate change. We are committed to environmental excellence that is integrated with a business‐wide approach to sustainability. EcoPlastile works with marginalized youth and women to collect plastic wastes, uses an innovative plastic extrusion technology called “Waxy 2 technology” to recycle and transform post-consumer waste plastic into durable, and long lasting plastic lumber profiles that substitutes wooden timbers. Plastic lumbers and poles are affordable alternatives to timbers, hence reduces the need for building materials manufactured from wood, helping to preserve forests and cut down on deforestation and further mitigate climate change.