launch - EarthTech

EarthTech Launch

29th April 2019

#earthtech the movement has officially launched out of the Digital Hub in Peregian.

On Friday night 29th April 2019, the co-founders of EarthTech shared a vision, mission and high level execution plan on discovering, supporting and utilising exponentially scalable technology to make life sustainable on earth.

We believe highly scalable technologies can provide a new way to combat one of the largest challenges of humankind’s existence.

We also believe Noosa is the perfect location to birth EarthTech, based on decades of hard work by individuals and the Council who came before us. They fought for the environment and created a culture that is truely ready for this region to become the global epicentre for #earthtech.

Sounds audacious right? It needs to be!

Tim Bennett

Cliff Benns

Alexander Kohl

Nusqe Spanton

Exhibiting Artists

Jandamarra Cadd

A Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung descendent, Jandamarra Cadd is an inspirational man with many stories to tell. With his vibrant and expressive portraitures, Jandamarra’s artwork is emotive and insightful – and is a powerful medium to bridge the story telling divide between Aboriginal and mainstream Australia.


Most every modern form of music we listen to has its roots in Africa and a small sector of African Americans have arguably created global popular culture. The next 5-10 years will see this talent swing back to the motherland. Paza wants to help these talented, but marginalised, African artists tap into this opportunity. DJ Swalapala likes to show off this amazing talent whenever he can.


The Australian multimedia artist & designer, is best known for provocative projection art on sculpture and landscapes. He also experiments with crowds as a canvas, encouraging human interaction with light. He has fired lumens in art, music and environmental festivals across Australia, America and Japan with messages of environmental awareness.

His artwork has been described as “morbidly beautiful”, shining light on an almost fatalist future, yet encourages global change through personal action.