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Together In Action

Together In Action, powered by EarthTech, is an online platform that identifies, supports and scales grassroots innovations that have a positive impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

These are unprecedented times.

We need youth led tech-enabled social innovations that are localised, impactful and supported by a global crowd of experts.


Together In Action is built on the successes and learning from the first EarthTech Challenge & Summit and factors in the ‘post COVID-19 world’.

We match the best young founders with global experts, attract and deploy capital then lead the go-to-market strategy for our ventures. We sit at the intersection between the impact sector, technology, youth entrepreneurship and venture / impact capital.

We need to get capital, knowledge and networks into the hands of young changemakers who have the passion and skills to make a significant difference in the world.

Particularly in APAC & Africa.

Together In Action progresses in the following phases for each cohort.

Partners will have the opportunity to help shape and deliver relevant phases as they come on board.

  1. Market Research and Stakeholder Needs Analysis (in progress)
  2. Partnerships (funding and in-kind support)
  3. Tech/UX Build (Design, Build, 3rd Party Integration)
  4. Content and Collaboration thought leadership
  5. Registration Process
  6. Submission Process
  1. Public & Expert Judging Process
  2. Open and Facilitated Mentoring with support from
    University based project teams
  3. Virtual Together In Action and Public Summit
  4. ‘Due Diligence Room’ / Deal Flow Room
  5. Commercialisation and Funding Engine for identified
    Innovations (This is core of the EarthTech business model)

Case Study

Safewheel provides affordable Ambulance and on demand emergency medical services to rural people in Bangladesh and beyond.

Safewheel entered the inaugural EarthTech Challenge. With their touching 5 minute video and detailed pitch deck they were assessed by 25 expert judges as one of the 10 finalist teams. Their participation at the EarthTech Summit impressed and they were deemed the overall winners of Cohort 1.

Within 10 weeks of the Summit, EarthTech facilitated pro bono legal support from a global law firm, USD1.5mil of philanthropic opportunities and secured seed investment for SafeWheel. EarthTech has a small equity stake in the business and sits on their Board.

SafeWheel is on track to positively impact 4.8million people in the next 2 years.

Access to grass roots innovation

Together In Action provides a central platform where NGO & corporate decision makers, philanthropists & impact investors can source relevant projects and initiatives.

Innovations can be funded, and a private-sector-led ‘Global Innovation Partnership’ can take shape.

Draws on the Crowd

Together In Action draws on the power of the crowd – experts and the public – to identify and scale the best impact innovations in the world.

The expert judging panel, coupled with our 8 category, 24 question subjective logic voting tech, creates a rich data set, which forms the basis
of due-diligence for our impact investment, corporate and NGO partners.
Our SWOT match-making methodology pairs innovations with pro-bono experts who want to do their bit to help our planet and species.

Together In Action is an inclusive coalition that brings together corporate and NGO partners who believe the world needs innovation and action to respond to global crises, especially those deepened by COVID19.


We are seeking partners who can: help distribute the call to action to innovators, create thought leadership, provide experts to select the best innovations, support and fund the tech build and operations, and most importantly, provide in-kind, pro bono and financial support to the winning teams, so they can scale and have a global impact ASAP.

Together In Action requires partner involvement and engagement in four broad areas.

Funding partners enabling the creation and operation of Together In Action. To build a minimum viable product, we are seeking the support of 1 to 4 major partners, which would enable an initial Together In Action process.

Technical and expertise support for innovations, impact measurement support and other specialised support for the Together In Action process.

Pro Bono partners are primarily professional services providing an agreed amount of support to innovations identified through the Together In Action process.

Philanthropic, impact investment and social venture funds who want access to deal flow from next-gen social innovations from around the world.

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