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Accelerate your sustainability strategy

Accelerate your
Sustainability Strategy

We understand the immense pressure you are under to demonstrate real progress towards achieving the Environmental, Social and Governance strategies and sustainability goals of your organisation.

Stakeholders, from customers and employees to shareholders and communities, expect action at unprecedented levels.

We discover breakthrough innovations for your value chain.

Innovation holds the key

Bringing external innovations into your organisation accelerates the transformation needed, whether it’s through procurement, pilot projects, co-development or traditional corporate venture investment.

However it’s challenging to navigate the complex and fast moving sustainability innovation ecosystem.

Our Solution

We work with you and your mission aligned organization to source, engage and embed innovations that help achieve your Sustainability Strategy.

The EarthTech platform enables unrivaled innovation matching, stakeholder engagement and collaboration, all backed by passionate professionals. Our people have deep networks and insights into the sustainability innovation ecosystem.

Case Study

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) Ventures has committed £390mil over 3 years to support research, startups and scaleups who can help them achieve their ESG strategy, but lacked the internal capacity and systems to find, vet and support the impact entrepreneurial eco-system efficiently.

EarthTech has proudly partnered with CCEP to amplify their “call to action” for innovations, to automate the process of finding and vetting ideas and technologies, and to track progress of promising innovation not yet proven.

Our Process

  • Discovery

    Interactive workshop to define how best to engage with innovation and ensure value chain compatibility.

  • Customise

    Tailor the platform to your exact mandate, and align it to your branding and messaging requirements.

  • Scouting

    We search the innovation ecosystem from Uni's, R&D Labs, Funds, Incubators / Accelerators, and direct to founders.

  • Matchmake

    The platform automates initial matching of innovation to your mandate enabling quick analysis and collaboration.

  • Engagement

    Prepare and coach founders through initial engagement / due diligence and assist in the implementation.

Take Action

EarthTech works collaboratively with each client to help them achieve their sustainability goals through innovation with a flexible service model.

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Introducing the EarthTech Platform.

Let our algorithms do the match making, so you don’t have to go blind reviewing thousands of pitch decks to try and determine who is worth putting through your due diligence processes.

Build your unique mandates quickly with as little as 4, and up to 32 quantitate impact investment specific metrics. You can set up as many mandates as you need.

Mandate Maker

With as little as 4 quantifiable questions, you can create your mandate(s). Ventures created their profile using the same criteria and it enables our algorithms to auto-match you to aligned ventures.

Activate Your Database

Once you create your first mandate, the platform generates a unique referral URL that you can copy and share with ventures on your database, particularly all those ventures that you have had to say NO to historically. The ventures use this URL to create their profile (free), step through the impact investment readiness tools and get quantifiable 1-5 star feedback from their own ecosystem. This enables you to find lost needles in your existing haystack and breathe new life into and monetise historic data.


Once you create your mandate, the platform will auto-match you to all ventures who align to your mandate.


Ventures from your database and the whole platform that align to your mandate will appear in the Matches tab in your profile, including a sliding scale on how close to your mandate they are. From here, you can analyse their information and contact them directly for an introductory call or ask for more information.

Venture Watchlist

For those ventures who are not quite mature enough yet, you can add them to your watchlist and monitor the development of their traction over time. These ventures can be found in the WatchList tab.

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