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EarthTech Platform for Ventures


Fast-tracking your Entrepreneurial Journey

The team at EarthTech knows the journey you are on. We have been on it too. We know what it is like spending 60% of your time raising capital, diverting attention away from your life’s work – creating scalable solutions to the biggest problems humanity has ever faced.

Bluntly, finding the right investment partner is painful. Articulating your impact and finance narrative is complex and it is hard to get straight answers on exactly what investors are looking for. We feel your pain.

Get Impact Investment Ready Today

Introducing the EarthTech Platform.

Designed from the ground up from three years of active in-market intelligence to get your impact investment closed faster.

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The platform prepares you for investment for free with our ‘InvestReady’ modules. When ready, upgrade to EarthTech Pro to get funded and scale your impact faster.

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Investor Essentials


Helps you understand precisely what information investors need to make their decisions. Helps you articulate your value proposition in exactly the way that investors want to see it.

Profile Essentials


Helps you craft a dynamic and beautiful company profile. The video and imagery functionality helps you build an emotional connection with investors and innovation programs, and enables you to articulate what makes you special, unique and worthy of their support.



Helps you tell your story using the love language of investors – quantifiable metrics. Helps you articulate your actual and forecast market traction and growth with simple to build and read financial graphs/charts. Helps you shine light on the critical assumptions you’ve used to come up with your forecasts, to show the quality of your thinking. Investors love this stuff!



Helps you get quantifiable, honest feedback on your company profile to make your value proposition razor sharp.



Helps you get automatically matched with a network of mission-aligned investors from around the world.


Free & Pro

If you have been referred to EarthTech by a particular investor, they can see how closely your venture aligns to their investment mandate on the free version. On the Pro Version, all investors globally whose mandate aligns to your venture will be alerted to the match and be able to reach out to you.

Investor Watchlists

Free & Pro

Investors who are not ready to engage with you yet can track your progress over time. In the free version, funds that have referred you are able to add you to their watchlist. On the Pro version, any investor on the platform worldwide can add you to their watchlist.

Get Impact Investment Ready Today

Since 2019 we have been supporting thousands of startups and scaleups across 73+ countries.

We’ve also built relationships and rich datasets with thousands impact investors. It has been exhausting, but enabled us to innovate towards creating efficiencies for innovators, programs and investors.