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FastTrack your Entrepreneurial Journey

FastTrack your Entrepreneurial Journey

Statistically, it takes entrepreneurs 12 months to raise capital. Entrepreneurs are spending 60% of their time trying to fundraise. It’s crazy inefficient and a total waste of human potential.

Humanity needs entrepreneurs like you solving for the biggest challenges of our time, not doing cold reach outs to investors who rarely have time to provide robust feedback.

At EarthTech, we have spent 3 years analysing how investors make their decisions. We’ve built the entrepreneurial version of an online dating app to help you:

  • Understand precisely what information investors need to make their decisions
  • Articulate your value proposition in exactly the way that investors want to see it
  • Get quantifiable feedback on your pitch to sharpen your value proposition
  • Get automatically matched with aligned investors from around the world
  • Automatically update investors on your progress


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