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Pitch to Impact

Attention student innovators, ideators, impactors, imagineers and the courageous! Are you ready to impact the world?

Do you have a radical idea that will create positive impact on the world using exponential technologies? Entrants need to have an idea in the ‘earth technologies space’ ie. sustainable water, air, food (agriculture), energy or shelter (products and packaging).

On Tuesday 8th October 2019, you are invited to Pitch to Impact at UQ’s Global Change Institute Building (20) St Lucia campus.

High School winners receive mentoring support from SingularityU and EarthTech experts

University winners receive access to the SingularityU Bootcamp in Sydney valued at $2,000, plus flights for 2.

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We want to give you the best chance to impact on a Global level.

The Impact 1B Bootcamp helps future-focused entrepreneurs transform radical ideas into tangible impact on a global scale. It’s a structured, immersive bootcamp offering startup-focused educational resources and world-class mentorship from SingularityU Australia’s faculty, staff, and industry experts.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower you to solve the world’s biggest challenges and impact the lives of a billion people.

The event will be held in the University of Queensland’s Ventures entrepreneurship space on the ground floor of the Global Change Institute.  The Institute is a flagship sustainability project that shifts the way we think about office design in a changing world.

A pilot for innovative sustainable solutions, it is a living example of how buildings can consume fewer resources and contribute more to the regeneration of environment and society. GCI has been awarded the Green Building Council of Australia’s 6 Star Green Star rating and ranked 34th in the world’s 50 most impressive environmentally friendly university buildings.