The EarthTech Platform is now Live - EarthTech

The EarthTech Platform is now Live

The EarthTech Platform is now Live

Hi, and welcome to the EarthTech Impact Platform. EarthTech is on a Mission to help mobilise the global resources needed to positively impact 1 billion lives and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The EarthTech Platform uses beautifully designed user experience coupled with deep research, datasets, smart feedback capabilities. It’s a set of decision intelligence tools that empower impact ventures, investors, philanthropists and innovation programs to scale their impact.

We’re obsessed with creating more efficiency in the global impact innovation and investment ecosystem.

Why? To meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, humanity needs USD4 trillion per annum flowing towards impact. This is something we must do for our children and our children’s children to inherit a healthy, liveable planet.

The problem isn’t capital. That’s coming online, thanks to rapidly changing customer, company, voter, and shareholder priorities. Encouragingly, we are amid the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in human history. A new generation is inheriting trillions in assets and focusing that capital on delivering a triple bottom line return on their investment – for people and planet to prosper.

Millions of us are starting to lean into impact, yet the process for deploying and managing this financial and human capital is crazy inefficient. It’s 2022 – the digital age – but founders are still using PDF pitch decks to articulate their investment value proposition. This makes it hard for analysts, investors, philanthropists, corporations, and innovation programs / accelerators to find and support projects that fit their unique selection criteria.

On average, founders are spending 60% of their time trying to raise capital – in a market that few understand. It takes them 12 months to raise a sophisticated capital round. On average, they raise 18 months’ worth of cash runway. So, by the time the fortunate ones land an investment round and pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, they have to get right back out there raising capital again. These founders are the very people we need obsessed with solving the biggest challenges in the world, delighting customers, and building their team and their culture. Yet the ‘system’ forces them to spend the bulk of their time raising capital.

Equally, on the other side of the table, investors and accelerator/ innovation program Managers are spending 50% of their Opex on deal origination and dealflow. This means they’re spending a significant portion of their time trying to find projects that are a fit for them, rather than supporting their existing portfolio/ cohort companies and building their programs and funds.

We’ve been obsessing about this problem / solution for 3 years, but in many respects, we’re just getting going.