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The Power of No

The Power of No

As an investor, having to say NO to passionate entrepreneurs is not easy. Being inundated with deal-flow is a great problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Working through thousands of pitch decks a year to invest in a handful of deals means there is a lot of rejection to dish out.

Every hour spent sorting through pitch decks is an hour not spent helping portfolio companies or doing diligence into mandate-aligned deals.

Making matters worse, most entrepreneurs lack knowledge about how the sophisticated capital market works, which means most pitch decks don’t address the key information investors need to make their decisions. The complexity behind why you have to say No is rarely understood fully.

We believe your ‘No’ can be turned into a powerful tool to help uplift entrepreneurs and to automate the front end of your deal-flow process.

Start your free account in seconds and create a unique investment mandate in just minutes. Our algorithms then go to work matching high-quality mandate-aligned deals automatically.

Then simply add your referral URL into the email when you say No to entrepreneurs, and the platform can provide them with:

  • Education: Helping them to better articulate their value proposition
  • Feedback: Entrepreneurs invite their network advisors to give quantifiable feedback on their pitch
  • Track & Match: Enables investors to add entrepreneurs to a watch list and receive alerts when their traction and strategy is a mandate match.

To make it easier again, contact us and we will set you up for free today with the key elements of your mandate and the team will create your profile and get you started.

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