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Why Upgrade to EarthTech Pro


Why Upgrade to EarthTech Pro

The EarthTech Pro account is for founders who are ready for live-market feedback from their trusted network, and to be introduced to values aligned investors.


Upgrade to get funded and scale your impact faster.

The EarthTech Pro account gives you three groundbreaking features. LiveLoop, VisMetrics and LiveMarket.


LiveMarket Enables you to be matched to aligned impact investors and innovation programs. This is the heart and soul of why EarthTech exists, to bring values- and stage-aligned ventures and investors together – for people and planet to prosper.

Investors whose mandate aligns to your venture will be alerted to the match and be able to reach out to you.

Investors who are not ready to engage with you yet can track your progress over time by adding you to their watchlist.

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LiveLoop captures live market feedback from your trusted network and gives you powerful analytics to make fast and critical decisions on your next steps.

Invite your colleagues, advisors, mentors and potential investors to leave their 1-5 Star reviews anonymously, and gain unbiased insights across all of the investor centric elements of your investment value proposition.

Founders often want investment capital, but what they really need is feedback to help guide/inform their investment readiness journey. Upgrade your account and invite your network to give critical anonymous feedback.

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Tell your story using the love language of investors – quantifiable metrics.

VisMetrics helps guide your impact, customer and financial narrative with simple to build and read financial graphs/charts.

It also keeps potential investors automatically updated with your traction. Your impact and financial data is matched against investors mandates and they are alerted as your venture reaches new thresholds for investment.

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